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Remember the important things in life…

Last week we at Hillsborough County Fire Rescue lost one of our brothers to a tragic and unfortunate car accident. Joseph “Joe” Pipitone Jr worked as a Driver Engineer with the deptartment for nearly 20 years. He will be missed dearly.

This holiday season please remember the important things in life. Cherish your family and friends not just this time of year, but every single day.


Weighted Pull-Ups
5, 5, 3, 3
First round = 20 squats/1 push-up, second round = 19 squats/2 push-ups, third round = 18 squats/3 push-ups, continue on until you end up at the last round with 1 squat/20 push-ups. Each round will equal 21 total reps.
*Below is a perfect example of scaling. One person is doing weighted pull-ups (with a 50 pound dumbbell). While another person is doing pull-ups with some assistance. Same exercise, different abilities, equal intensity!



Bench Press
10, 5, 5, 3
-20 Shoulders Presses/Push Presses
-20 Burpees
~3 Rds~
“Good Mornings”
12 x 4
Thanks to Jimmie and Cori Keene for stopping by today (they are the owners of Bayside CrossFit, Jimmie is a fellow firefighter).  
Good work this week everyone. Have a great weekend!  


Sumo Deadlift High Pull
10, 10, 5, 5
-10 Single Arm KB Swings (10 per arm)
-10 Knees To Elbows
-Agility Ladder (20 ft) followed by Sprint (20 yds)
~6 Rounds~